B250 L05 Weekly Reflection

This week I learned about site design and credit card payments.  Site design has a huge effect on your customers.  You need to set up your site so it is easy to navigate, easy to read, has the information your customers will be looking for, and so the design doesn’t overwhelm or compete too much with your products.  Having multiple levels of menus and filtering options can really help your customers find what they want.  It is a good idea to look at sites that sell similar things to get ideas of what all you need to include as well as to see what the competition is doing so you know how to make your site stand out.

For credit card payments, I looked into PayPal this week.  They have a lot of options, but I’m unsure if they can accommodate all the things that I need.  It is a good idea to see what they have and determine if it will work for your site.  It is also important to look at their fees and their liability information.  The third party will only protect you in certain ways, and it is good to know what you will be on the hook for if something does happen.  There is a lot to consider, and it is very helpful to look through all their FAQs to find answers to questions you didn’t know that you had.  I will also be looking into what is included with WooCommerce as they are a plugin that will work with my site.


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