B250 L10 Weekly Reflection

Learning about ROI and conversion tracking this week was great. I love that AdWords has so many features to help you make your advertising and business successful.  Being able to track how many people click on an ad and then actually make a purchase is a great way to see if your ads are effective and bringing the right customers to your site.  All the information in Adwords also helps you track which keywords and ads are working the hardest for you and which you should change or get rid of.  The quality scores and clickthrough rates are great indicators of this.  I also really like that there is a search term report you can look at to see what people were looking for when they saw your ad and clicked on it.  This can really help to know if there are keywords you should add or ones that you should exclude so you bring the right people to your site.  AdWords can also show you on your ads if they have a good clickthrough rate, relevance, and landing page.  If any of these things are off they can bring your quality score down, raise your cost per click, and lower your ad ranking.  Monitoring this information can really help keep costs down and visitors to your site up.


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