B250 L12 Weekly Reflection

Social media and social media networking are huge things that can really help your business.  Social media can really boost your SEO.  Search engines look for your business on the web and the more often it is mentioned the better your SEO.  So by having Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts along with your web site you show prominence.  Additionally, by having people “like” and “share” your information or posts through social media you are being talked about and your SEO improves.  Social media can also drive people to your site which will hopefully result in conversions.  There are many things you can do through social media to get those individuals talking about you and visiting your site.  Contests and other fun games are great ways to do this, as well as sharing information that is valuable and shareable.  Social media can really boost your company, but it does take effort.  You have to show that you are not just a spammer and that you want to interact with your followers.  You need to be consistent or you will be forgotten about.  So while it is free advertising which is wonderful, the price you will pay is that of time.


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