B250 L13 Weekly Reflection

I’ve learned this week how much more valuable links are than I thought they were.  I knew they helped with SEO, but I had no idea they were so sought after.  It has occurred to me why blogs often have guest posts or link ups/parties.  It is a way for the sites involved to “trade” links, benefiting both sides with additional views, possible new followers, SEO improvement, and content for their readers to benefit from.  These coveted links don’t just happen though.  You really do have to make a plan and continually revisit it.  It’s a great idea to have a big push to work on creating new links through directories or contacts with those they would be mutually beneficial for, and then have another push a while later while letting things grow naturally in between.  It is important to have deadlines to push yourself to get the links built, especially if you are doing it all on your own.  Like with social media, it is an ongoing process that takes time and effort.  Especially since you don’t want to improve the quantity of your links, but the quality also as that will help your SEO even more.


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