B250 L13 Weekly Reflection

I’ve learned this week how much more valuable links are than I thought they were.  I knew they helped with SEO, but I had no idea they were so sought after.  It has occurred to me why blogs often have guest posts or link ups/parties.  It is a way for the sites involved to “trade” links, benefiting both sides with additional views, possible new followers, SEO improvement, and content for their readers to benefit from.  These coveted links don’t just happen though.  You really do have to make a plan and continually revisit it.  It’s a great idea to have a big push to work on creating new links through directories or contacts with those they would be mutually beneficial for, and then have another push a while later while letting things grow naturally in between.  It is important to have deadlines to push yourself to get the links built, especially if you are doing it all on your own.  Like with social media, it is an ongoing process that takes time and effort.  Especially since you don’t want to improve the quantity of your links, but the quality also as that will help your SEO even more.


B250 L12 Weekly Reflection

Social media and social media networking are huge things that can really help your business.  Social media can really boost your SEO.  Search engines look for your business on the web and the more often it is mentioned the better your SEO.  So by having Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts along with your web site you show prominence.  Additionally, by having people “like” and “share” your information or posts through social media you are being talked about and your SEO improves.  Social media can also drive people to your site which will hopefully result in conversions.  There are many things you can do through social media to get those individuals talking about you and visiting your site.  Contests and other fun games are great ways to do this, as well as sharing information that is valuable and shareable.  Social media can really boost your company, but it does take effort.  You have to show that you are not just a spammer and that you want to interact with your followers.  You need to be consistent or you will be forgotten about.  So while it is free advertising which is wonderful, the price you will pay is that of time.

B250 L11 Weekly Reflection

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your landing page.  It should be easy to navigate and well organized.  Visitors should be able to find the information that brought them to your sight in the first place without any trouble.  There are also things you can do to improve it for search engine optimization (SEO).  You should use your keywords generously, though not so much that it is forced and puts off those visiting your site.  Keywords should be used in page titles, headings, and body copy as well as things like image names and captions.  Keywords should also be used in places that aren’t seen as much by visitors such as URLs, SEO titles, meta descriptions, and alt text for images.  Using your keywords in all these places can help show relevance to the search engines that crawl your site.  You can also improve your SEO by including links to reputable sites and having others link to you.  A great way to do this is through social media until you are able to make connections with others and show your site is worthy of a link.

B250 L10 Weekly Reflection

Learning about ROI and conversion tracking this week was great. I love that AdWords has so many features to help you make your advertising and business successful.  Being able to track how many people click on an ad and then actually make a purchase is a great way to see if your ads are effective and bringing the right customers to your site.  All the information in Adwords also helps you track which keywords and ads are working the hardest for you and which you should change or get rid of.  The quality scores and clickthrough rates are great indicators of this.  I also really like that there is a search term report you can look at to see what people were looking for when they saw your ad and clicked on it.  This can really help to know if there are keywords you should add or ones that you should exclude so you bring the right people to your site.  AdWords can also show you on your ads if they have a good clickthrough rate, relevance, and landing page.  If any of these things are off they can bring your quality score down, raise your cost per click, and lower your ad ranking.  Monitoring this information can really help keep costs down and visitors to your site up.

B250 L09 Weekly Reflection

Learning about quality score this week has been very beneficial.  I am looking forward to seeing what my quality scores actually are so I can find where I need to improve my site and my ads. Having a high quality score is achieved by picking good keywords, using them in my ad headlines and text, and using them on my landing pages.  It seems like a simple thing to do, but I’m sure it can easily slip from my mind as I am trying to get everything set up. Learning about Google Analytics and everything it can do for a growing business was fabulous. All the reports and marketing feedback it can provide will really help when it comes to finding disconnects with potential customers.  I will be able to tell what types of devices are being used, where visitors are coming from, what the bounce rate is, what pages are viewed, how long they are on my site, and more.

B250 L08 Weekly Reflection

This week we focused on our AdWords campaign ad.  There are certain limits put on your ad that must strictly be follow.  You can only have a certain number of characters per line, there needs to be correct punctuation, and your ad needs to be relevant to your keywords and landing page.  It is important to include a hook, such as discounts or why your products are unique, and a call to action to encourage viewers to click on your ad.  It was quite a challenge coming up with an ad that was succinct and to the point that still communicated everything I wanted it to.  It is easy to wax eloquent about why someone should buy your product when you have all the space you want, but when you only have a limited amount of characters it becomes challenging to pick just the right words.  We also learned about utilizing ad groups for each of our types of products so we can focus our ads and manage them easily.

B250 L07 Weekly Reflection

Setting up a Google AdWords campaign can take a little bit of work. It is important to split up your campaign into a couple different ads that focus on different products that you sell.  This allows you to have your ads shown to those who will be interested in them.  You should always include in your ad something that sets your products apart, making them desirable, and have a strong call to action.  Setting up the keywords for each of the ads requires you to think like a customer.  You need to have broad enough keywords to get the right group of people, but specific enough keywords to target only those people who will be interested in your products.  Using negative keywords can help you do this.  They allow you to separate out those who may be searching for something similar or related to what you are selling, but that wouldn’t be interested in your products.